Blacksburg Employee of the Month

September 2019

Allison "Al" Stokes

Congratulations to Allison “Al” Stokes for becoming our Blacksburg Campus September Employee of the Month! Al joined our staff in April and brought a thoughtful yet sophisticated palate to round out our culinary team. Even from an early age she was destined to be a chef. Growing up she watched Julia Child on PBS and idolized her. Standing on a stool in the kitchen she pretended she was her, accent and all! After working in a few restaurants in Blacksburg she went to Portland to attend culinary school. Her west coast adventures included Japanese oysters, handmade squid ink pasta, Canon Beach(where the Goonies was filmed), & hiking the Redwoods which spurred a love for gardening. Now she is back home with friends and family running a community greenhouse in Blacksburg. We are proud to have you in our EM family!

August 2019

Gary Graves

Please help us congratulate Gary Graves as our Team Member of the month for August!! Gary has been with our community since it opened over 4 years ago as our Maintenance Director. Gary gives us 100% each day and always put the needs of our residents and community first! Gary is a NRV native and literally knows everyone around town, so he is often a marketing asset as well! When Gary is not a work he enjoys helping others, exercising and spending time with his wife and adult children. Thank YOU Gary for all that you do!!!