Blacksburg Employee of the Month

November 2020

Amber Price

Please help us congratulate, Amber Price, for earning Team Member of the month for November!

Amber is our Business Office Manager and then some! She’s literally everyone’s right hand gal!
When she’s not working she enjoys spending time with her 2 boys, Ethan and Eli.

Amber has been with us for 4 years and we truly do not know what we would do without her!

Thank you Amber for EVERYTHING that you do for our Team and our Residents!

October 2020

Scott Gish

Please help us congratulate, Scott Gish, for earning Team Member of the month for October!

Scott works 11-7 in our Resident Care department and while he’s only been with us for a few months, he’s already made an impact on our Team and our Residents!
Scott is always professional and provides excellent care to our Residents. They notice when he isn’t working as do his fellow Team Members! We know everyone is in good hands when he is working.

Thank you Scott for everything that you do for our Residents and Team!

September 2020

James Poland

Please help us congratulate, James Poland, for earning Team Member of the month for September!

James works with our Restaurant Team but has also proven hisself to be an asset to Gary in Maintenance.  He has truly expressed an interest in leaning from Gary and helping to maintain our community.
He attends Blacksburg High School and will graduate this year. James enjoys playing football in his spare time.
He plans to attend VA Tech next year and wants to focus his studies in business.

Thank YOU James for everything that you do for our Reaidents and our team!!

August 2020

Zeb Shrader

Please help us congratulate, Zeb Shrader, for earning Team Member of the month for August!!

Zeb is an amazing caregiver who gives 110% to our Residents every shift that he works!
Zeb is also attending RN school at New River!

Thank you Zeb for everything that you do for our Residents and team!

July 2020

Alana McConnell

Please help us congratulate Alana McConnell for earning Team Member of the month for July!! Alana has proven herself to be a true asset to our community. She is a real gem with our Residents! You’ve probably seen her dancing a few times in some of our videos because she’s loves to be actively engaged with our folks!

She was born in DC and loves to travel! She has 4 children ages 13,11,10 and 5. She is also in LPN school!! When she’s not at work or school, she enjoys cooking with her kids, puzzles, doing hair and spending time with her family because family is everything!

Thank you Alana for everything that you do for Residents and team!

June 2020

Jordan Bonds

Please help us congratulate Jordan Bonds for earning Team member of the month!!

Jordan is the youngest member of our team and has shown up like a star for the Restaurant team! She is dependable, team loves her and so do the Residents!
When she’s not working she likes watching Netflix and sleeping…she said “I’m 16 what else do you expect me to do” haha
In a few years she hopes to become a paramedic.

Congratulations Jordan and thank you for everything that you do for our Residents and team!! Well deserved!!

May 2020

Vinessa Bowser

Please help us congratulate Vinessa Bowser for earning Team Member of the month for May!

Vinessa works with our Resident Care team and is a rockstar!! When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her 2 children, reading suspense and romance novels. Thank you Vinessa for being a part of our family and for the wonderful care you give our Residents!

April 2020

Treasure Hockman

Please help congratulate,Treasure Hockman for earning Team Member of the month for April!

Treasure always has a smile on her face and our residents love her!
Treasure currently works as a RMA with us but recently graduated RN school and will be testing in the upcoming months!

When Treasure isn’t working she enjoys exercising with her boyfriend, Ronnie. She says now that the gyms are closed they have had to get creative to develop some beneficial home programs.

Thank you Treasure!!!

March 2020

Courtney Marion

Please help us congratulate Courtney Marion for earning Team Member of the month for March!

Courtney works with our Restaurant team full time as a server and the residents and team LOVE her.

When she is not at work she is being a Mom to her four kids Alli, Kendall, Bella and new baby boy Jayden who visits us from time to time!

Thank you Courtney for being a part of our team and for everything that you do!!

February 2020

Larry Gibson

Please help us congratulate , Larry GIbson for earning Team Member of the month!! Larry is our transportation driver and is a huge asset to our team! When Larry isn’t driving he keeps himself busy by helping in housekeeping and maintenance, often without asking. He stays busy!
Larry and his wife Gale have been married for 36 years and the reside in Christiansburg where they spend most of their time gardening.

Thank YOU Larry for ALL that you do for us, our team, our residents and our community!!

January 2020

Traci Blankenship

Please help us congratulate Traci Blankenship for earning Team Member of the month for January!! Traci was nominated by one of our residents for going above and beyond. She works PT as a RMA and has been a part of our team since 2016.

She is currently enrolled in aesthetics school and has also recently LOST 30 POUNDS!!!

When she is not working or in school she enjoys hiking and watching Netflix.

Congratulations Traci and thank you for everything that you do for our residents and our team!!!

December 2019

Karston Kidd

Please help us congratulate Karston Kidd for earning December Team Member of the month!

 Karston was  selected because of his positive attitude and the joy he brings to our residents as well as our entire team!

When he is not at work, hen enjoys all things music and hopes to pursue a music career one day. Karston was born in Christiansburg and has 2 brothers. He has a few found love for cruise control after receiving a couple of speeding tickets!

If you peek around the corners you may be able to catch him singing, which he does very well! Congratulations Karston and thank you for all that you do for our residents and team!

November 2019

Reba Neal

Reba works with us in our resident care department. Reba was born in Roanoke and is the youngest of 16 children!!! She has 5 dogs and her oldest pup is named Trevor. When she isn’t at work she enjoys nature and being with her family. Her passion is taking care of people.

Well done Reba! We are happy you are a part of our team!!

October 2019

Catherine Boston

Catherine is always willing to go above and beyond for our residents picking up extra shifts when needed, completing extra tasks during her shift. Catherine always a smile on her face!! She goes the extra mile and is willing to help in all departments, she has excellent customer service skills.

When Catherine is not at work, she is caring for her 5 kids!! She is an active member in her church.

Thank YOU Catherine for all that you do for our residents and our team here in Blacksburg!!

September 2019

Allison "Al" Stokes

Congratulations to Allison “Al” Stokes for becoming our Blacksburg Campus September Employee of the Month! Al joined our staff in April and brought a thoughtful yet sophisticated palate to round out our culinary team. Even from an early age she was destined to be a chef. Growing up she watched Julia Child on PBS and idolized her. Standing on a stool in the kitchen she pretended she was her, accent and all! After working in a few restaurants in Blacksburg she went to Portland to attend culinary school. Her west coast adventures included Japanese oysters, handmade squid ink pasta, Canon Beach(where the Goonies was filmed), & hiking the Redwoods which spurred a love for gardening. Now she is back home with friends and family running a community greenhouse in Blacksburg. We are proud to have you in our EM family!

August 2019

Gary Graves

Please help us congratulate Gary Graves as our Team Member of the month for August!! Gary has been with our community since it opened over 4 years ago as our Maintenance Director. Gary gives us 100% each day and always put the needs of our residents and community first! Gary is a NRV native and literally knows everyone around town, so he is often a marketing asset as well! When Gary is not a work he enjoys helping others, exercising and spending time with his wife and adult children. Thank YOU Gary for all that you do!!!