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Our Caregivers Are Our Family!

To all of our English Meadows Family:

With the concerns we are all experiencing with the world-wide COVID- 19 health crisis, we are focused on making sure our amazing Caregivers are being taken care of at this time. They Love and Care for each one of our Residents 24/7 and we appreciate their dedication. They are our Family!! We are updating each one of them, daily, with all the actions that English Meadows, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the US Government are doing for their benefit and protection.

I would like to take this time and share what we have been doing this month:

-Every Caregiver is receiving a $2/hour raise during this crisis.
-All Overtime restrictions have been removed and part time Caregivers are being offered full-time hours.
-New positions inside each Campus have been created (as needed) to meet new demands.
-Child Care services have been offered and/or implemented for the Campuses.
-Telehealth Services have been offered for Caregivers, to avoid hospitals and doctor offices.
-Additional PTO is being reviewed to meet or exceed new federal guidelines.
-Flexibility in scheduling is being observed at each Campus.
-Purchasing and procuring needed PPE supplies (at any cost) is happening 24/7.
-Updates on new and existing services for our Caregivers and their Families.
-Continuing and expanding our free meals and other benefits for our Caregivers.
-Emotional & Financial Counseling services are being expanded.
-Launching our “Adopt a Caregiver” initiative next week.
-Growing a Team of Family Members, College Students, and Temporary Laid Off Hospitality Workers to help support and back-up our Caregivers

We Love our Caregivers and we all Love our Residents. We will do anything we can for both our Caregivers and Residents at this time. So many of our Resident Families and local community organizations are already doing such amazing things for our Caregivers and Residents. Thank You! As I’ve always believed, Family and Business do mix!!

Mike Williams, CEO/Founder
English Meadows Senior Living

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