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The Four Cs of English Meadows

If you’ve recently been researching senior living communities for yourself or a loved one, you’ve probably stumbled across a common checklist. Websites, articles and other resources urge you to consider the “four C’s” of elderly care. While the exact criteria represented by the four C’s may vary, the basic themes are consistent.

There are four factors we think you should weigh when planning the next steps for your aging parent or relative.

1. Care
One unique aspect of English Meadows Senior Living is we don’t have tiers of care. No matter what level of care your loved one requires, our Caregivers will meet them where they are and provide the best support possible. Earlier this year, we were proud to debut our Lavender Hills Memory Care program. Lavender Hills will take English Meadows’ dementia care to the next level. The program prioritizes supporting someone struggling with dementia throughout their transition and engaging them during each step of their day.

Care at English Meadows Campuses is provided around the clock. Our 24-hour care model includes all meals and snacks, medication management, private baths, laundry services, utilities, television and Wi-Fi, and more.

2. Compassion
At English Meadows, compassion is truly a two-way street. We value maintaining staff who can build meaningful careers with us. We invest in our Caregivers and treat them with respect, aiming to make each Campus a wonderful place to work.

At the same time, we pride ourselves on hiring Team Members who already possess the heart and skill to provide compassionate care to our Residents. At English Meadows, we believe in treating each Resident like a member of our own family.

3. Cost
Navigating the costs of senior living can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why English Meadows provides transparent and inclusive pricing for all of our Campuses. You can find lease rates for our different Campuses across Virginia and Washington, D.C. right on our website, or in our quarterly magazine. You’ll avoid any bait and switches from us, because the rates we print are all-inclusive, from meals to utilities to the activities we plan daily for our Residents.

On most of our Campuses, a variety of living arrangements exist to suit both your loved one’s needs and your budget. Leases are available for studios or apartments, and for assisted living or memory care environments.

4. Community
Providing excellent care goes beyond housing, food and medication management, though. Seniors also need to develop a sense of community in order to thrive. So we strive to foster that community-building on each of our Campuses. Each Campus is in some senses a self-contained town of its own, because English Meadows is sure to provide for all of Residents’ needs and to keep them busy and engaged! Our Activities Director plans long walks, gardening, BINGO, snack preparation, coloring, puzzles, and so much more to keep Campus buzzing.

We’ve also intentionally designed our interiors to foster connection, from hosting communal meals in our dining room to including cafe spaces and movie theaters on Campus where Residents can gather.

We also take full advantage of the towns surrounding our Campuses as well! English Meadows has built homes in vibrant towns ranging from Blacksburg in Southwest Virginia to Mannassas, outside the nation’s capital. We regularly plan outings for Residents to visit local restaurants, shop or just find a change of scenery.

When it comes to the Four C’s, English Meadows excels. We hope you’ll consider us for yourself or your family. To learn more about our senior living communities or to set up a tour, visit our website or give us a call anytime!

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